Blending cultures and spirits
— Kenny J Bookman

Vodka is one of the most difficult spirits to make as it is the purest and most naked spirit there is. We do not use herbs, spices or charred barrels to add flavor or hide impurities. Given how complicated it is to produce a good vodka, it is even harder in a micro-distillery.



Distillate: Grain

Proof: 80

ABV: 40%

Size: 375ml

*Partly distilled, blended & hand bottled in Manhattan, NY

Our/NewYork is unique in appearance and comes in a small bottle with a crown cap, making it perfect to share with friends and as the perfect gift.

The small, disruptive bottle is a major contributor for people to often refer to us as “the vodka in the small, cool bottle”.

Our /NewYork Vodka is partly distilled, blended, hand bottled and labeled in our micro-distillery in Manhattan.

We source the finest quality and most locally available rectified spirit (corn) and blend it with highly-purified and demineralized New York City water and a grain distillate that has been fermented with a proprietary yeast that we redistill and purify in our small-batch alembic copper still system in our Chelsea distillery, giving Our/NewYork it’s unique flavor and identity.


Simply Put:

We use the same water as New York City pizza and bagels, so you know that's good.