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When you work really really really hard and you get lucky. Can you believe it ? We are featured as NYC fact #517 on the super-smart linkNYC platform. You know the weird wireless columns that feature really interesting facts about NYC?

Here a bit on info about this program:        In 2014 the de Blasio Administration issued a competitive RFP to repurpose payphone infrastructure with free Wi-Fi, phone calls and advertising. The CityBridge proposal for LinkNYC was chosen for its innovative and community-first approach and was awarded the 12-year franchise. • CityBridge is a consortium of experts in technology, media, user experience and connectivity that includes Intersection, Qualcomm and CIVIQ Smartscapes.

LinkNYC is bringing free, super fast Wi-Fi to New York City.

• Each gigabit Link is powered by an all-new, purpose-built fiber optic network that delivers speeds up to 100 times faster than average public Wi-Fi.

Each Link can support hundreds of Wi-Fi users simultaneously

• At least 7,500 Link kiosks will be installed across all five boroughs over the next eight years. To see where Links have been installed, visit the Find a Link map.

• In partnership with the City, CityBridge will also bring gigabit service to an indoor public center in each borough for New Yorkers to access educational opportunities and connect to their communities.

Free Phone Calls to Anywhere in the US

• Through a partnership with Vonage, New Yorkers and visitors can make free phone calls to anywhere in the U.S. through each Link’s tablet, including access to 311, 911 and 411.

• International phone calls can be made using calling cards.

• Calls can be made using Link’s directional speaker or personal headphones.

• Every Link will also be equipped with a red 911 call button for direct access to a 911 emergency operator.

Find a map here.

Cross your fingers you get to see Fact 517 featuring Our/NewYork vodka...


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