We had so much fun at our first INFUSION workshop.

Thanks @Leisurely for the phantastic collaboration.

It indeed was an experience unlike any other, as we toured, tasted, and learned our way through Manhattan’s first and only distillery since prohibition, at Our New York / Vodka.

Bar Manager, Rustun Nichols, and O/NY local Partner, David Ortiz, greeted the participants with a Welcome Our/Martini cocktail, followed by an in-depth tour of where all the magic happens- the distillery!

While touring the facilities, the workshop participants learned about the unique distilling process that makes Our/New York vodka so special, while understanding what it took for Our/New York to become the first distillery since prohibition.

Following the tour, everyone got to enjoy a taste of both the 80 and 100 proof Expression Vodkas before they had to get hands-on. Rustun guided the workshoppers through making and infusing thier own take-home bottle of Our/New York Vodka, using a bounty of seasonal fruits, herbs, botanicals, and vegetables.

After making these custom creations, it was time to enjoy a celebratory Excelsior ‘64 cocktail with new friends, and the Our/New York Vodka team!

What was Included?
-Welcome Our/Martini Cocktail
-Taste of 80 and 100 proof Expression Vodkas
-Celebratory Excelsior ‘64 Cocktail
-Take-Home Bottle of Infused Our/New York Vodka
-Infusion Workshop

dave ortiz